E! Grey Matter for Yamaha DX7II DX7IIFD DX7IID compatible card / Expansion Board

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E! Grey Matter for Yamaha DX7II DX7IIFD DX7IID compatible card / Expansion Board

E! quadruples your DX's internal RAM, allowing storage for 256 Voices and 128 Performance memories across 4 Banks. Octal Mode transforms your DX7II into an 8-channel multitimbral sound module. Advanced split and layer options, accompaniment modes, and an 8 Channel Controller enhance versatility. Expanded Data Management facilitates saving/loading of single or all 4 Banks. Engine and SE!quencer modes organise E! functions. The Engine menu, programmable for 128 Performance memories, offers multitimbral features and accompaniment modes. The Sequencer provides a 16-track MIDI recorder.

Installation of the E! Grey Matter circuit board involves opening the synthesiser, extracting the EPROM, and soldering 5 wires. If you are unfamiliar with this we recommend getting a licensed technician to install it for you. Not having the right skills or tools could cause damage to your DX7II/D/FD or the E! Grey Matter board.


This board is only compatible with the Yamaha DX7II DX7IID or DX7IIFD. It will not work in any other Yamaha DX models. 


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  • This expansion card has been tested and is working as it should. 


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