Casio RZ-1 80's LO-FI PCM Digital Sampling Rhythm Composer Drum Machine - 240V

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Casio RZ-1 80's LO-FI PCM Digital Sampling Rhythm Composer Drum Machine 

The Casio RZ-1 was released in 1986. It features 12 PCM drum sounds. They included 3 toms, kick, snare, rim, open/closed hh, ride, crash, cowbell and clap which have been used in lots of Hip Hop and House tracks.

This unit also features a basic onboard sampler. It is designed to let you create up to four of your own percussion sounds. The sampling specs are 20kHz sample rate and only 0.2 seconds of sample time per each of the four sample pads (or one 0.8 second sample). It has a very lo-fi sound, which may be a good thing for some! 

The built-in sequencer is fairly easy to work with. Just create some patterns (up to 100) and chain these patterns into songs (up to 20 songs). There are ten individual outputs and volume sliders for the sounds, however they are shared: Rim+Snare, Sample1+Sample2, Sample3+Sample4, Cowbell+Crash, Clap+Ride and Open+Closed HH. Overall a cool little vintage piece. It has been used by Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Autechre, RZA, De La Soul, 808 State, Black Milk and many more.


  • This is a used unit.

  • This RZ-1 is in good physical condition. It shows some general wear from use and age. This includes some marks, nicks and light scratches. Some of the colouring has faded. There is nothing which detracts from the use or functions of the machine. Please see photos for further details.  

  • The screen does not have a back light.

  • This unit has been thoroughly tested. It is working as it should and sounds great. 

  • This unit is a factory 240V model. This means it is ready to plug and play within Australia and New Zealand. If you purchase from overseas you may need a step-up transformer. Please ask if you are unsure. 

  • This unit uses a standard IEC cable to power on. This cable is not included in the sale.


Polyphony - 16 voices
Oscillators - 12 PCM sounds (Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Snare, Kick, Rim, Open HH, Closed HH, Ride, Crash, Clap, Cowbell)
Sampler - 0.8 seconds over four 'Banks'
Sequencer - 100 Patterns and 20 Songs
Effects - None
Keyboard - 16 Pads
Control - MIDI IN, OUT, THRU
Date Produced - 1986


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