Tascam Portastudio 488 MK II Vintage Multitrack 8 Track Cassette Tape Recorder

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Tascam Portastudio 488MKII

Add some nice grainy tape sound to your mixes with this 8 Track cassette tape recorder from Tascam. 
The Tascam 488 MKII Portastudio is a 8-track "Multitrack Master" cassette tape recorder and a full-function mixer with 8 inputs/stereo outputs combined into a single workstation. The 488 MKII records on Cassette tape, high bias Type II. The recorder has 8 tracks while the mixer has 4 group outs; you can record on up to 4 tracks at one time. The 488 MKII's dbx Noise Reduction virtually eliminates unwanted tape noise. A special SYNC feature turns off the dbx on track 8 separately, making it possible to record and play back the MIDI sync tones or SMPTE/EBU time code without being affected by the dbx encode/decode. This ensures that the sync tones/code are recorded and played back without unnecessary processing. 

  • This is a used unit

  • This unit is in good physical condition. It shows some general wear like nicks and scuffs. There are some dots on the blue finish and a crack in the plastic at the top front. Nothing major or structural. There is some yellowing on the back too. Overall it is still a great Portastudio. Please see photos for further details. 

  • This unit has been professionally serviced. It sounds great and is ready to go at home or in the studio! 

  • The service included but was not limited to:

    • Deep clean of the tape mechanism.

    • Greased all moving parts.

    • Brand new belts have been installed.

    • Faulty components were removed and replaced.

    • playback levels were adjusted. 

  • This 488 MK II has been thoroughly tested. All functions are working as they should. There are no faults to note.

  • This unit has been converted to 240V with its original multi-tap transformer. It is ready to plug and play in Australia. 

  • If you purchase from overseas please ensure you have the correct step-up transformer before powering on this unit. If you are unsure about this please send us a message.

  • This sale is only for the 488 MKII and one music grade tape to get you started. Nothing else is included. 


  •  A three-point auto-locator (MEMO 1 and 2 and RTZ) lets the tape STOP or PAUSE at, or PLAY from preset points.

  •  REPEAT allows a section to played over and over between the MEMO 1 and MEMO 2 points.

  •  REHEARSAL programs the 488 MKII to repeat a punch-in/out sequence as many times as you wish, and AUTO IN/OUT actually executes it on tape exactly as you "previewed" in REHEARSAL.

  •  The tape speed can be increased or decreased with the PITCH CONTROL dial in both playback and record, to match pitch or for special effects.


  • Tape: Compact Cassette (C-30 to 90), High-Bias (Type II, CrO2) (not included in sale)

  • Track Format: 8-track/8-channel, single direction record/play

  • Head Configuration: 8-channel record/play (permalloy) x 1

  • 8-channel erase (ferrite) x 1

  • Tape Speed: 9.5 cm/sec. (3-3/4 ips) +/- 1%

  • Pitch Control: +/- 12% (approx.)

  • Wow and Flutter: 0.04% WRMS , +/- 0.06% W. Peak

  • Fast Winding Time: 80 sec. (approx.) with C-60

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 528 x 128 x 437 mm (20 13/16" x 5 1/16" x 17 3/16")

  • Weight: 7.1 kg (15 lbs. 10 oz.) 
  • MIC/LINE INPUT (Ch.1, Ch.2) (XLR type connector x 2)

  • MIC/LINE INPUT, Ch.1-2 (1/4" phone jack x 2)

  • STEREO INPUT, Ch.9-12 (1/4" phone jack x 4)

  • SUB INPUT (RCA jack x 2)

  • LINE OUTPUT (RCA jack x 2)

  • EFFECT 1+2 SEND (1/4" phone jack)

  • CUE OUTPUT (RCA jack)

  • MONITOR OUTPUT (RCA jack x 2)

  • PHONES (1/4" stereo phone jack x 1)

  • Equalizer
    • HIGH (Shelving): 10 kHz, +/- 12 dB
    • MID (Parametric): 250 Hz to 5 kHz, +/- 12 dB
    • LOW (Shelving): 100 Hz, +/- 12 dB

  • 1 MIC INPUT to LINE OUTPUT: 65 dB / 68 dB

  • 4 MIC INPUTS to LINE OUTPUT: 60 dB / 63 dB

  • 1 LINE INPUT to LINE OUTPUT: 79 dB / 83 dB

  • 8 LINE INPUTS to LINE OUTPUT: 76 dB / 79 dB
  • Noise Reduction: dbx TYPE II


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