Moog Taurus II Complete Vintage Analogue Foot Pedal Monophonic Bass Synthesiser - 100V

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Moog Taurus II Complete Vintage Analogue Foot Pedal Monophonic Bass Synthesiser

We do not come across these very often! The Taurus II it a pedal synthesiser with essentially the same synth engine as the Moog Rogue. The Rogue is one of Moogs smallest and simplest models, however it really does sound great. We keep one in our personal collection. The synth section is basic with only sawtooth or square waveforms. But these waveforms go low and their bass sounds are amazing. The pedal controller outputs cv/gate so it can be used to control other synths as well. The synth section has an external source input for the filter, and there are portamento, pitch and mod wheels too. This unit would be a a unique piece for your home, studio or live set up. 


• This is a used unit. 

• This unit has had a thorough service. Any faulty parts were replaced. The pedal section has had a deep clean inside and out. All the contacts have been renewed and reflowed. 

• This unit has had a through test and we can confirm it works as it should. 

• This unit is physically in good condition. It shows some general wear, mainly on the wooden veneer side panels. Overall it is still a nice piece. 

• This unit will ship with the pictured Moog carry bag which holds they synth, pole and power supply. This bag does have some rips where the pole sits and it is missing two of the clips. 

• This sale is for the Mood Taurus II Synthesiser, Foot Pedal, Stand, bag and a 240V power supply. The power supply has been made for use in Australia. If you purchase from overseas you will either need a different power supply or a step-up transformer. Please ask if you are unsure. 


Polyphony - Monophonic
Oscillators - 2 VCO's (square & sawtooth waveforms)
Memory - None
Filter - 1 24dB/oct lowpass w/ cutoff, key tracking
VCA - Attack + Decay or Sustain
Keyboard - 18 note pedal-board
Arpeg/Seq - None
Control - CV / GATE
Date Produced - 1981-83


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