Yamaha DX200 Programmable Desktop FM Synthesiser / Sequencer W/ Effects & More!

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Yamaha DX200 Programmable Desktop FM Synthesiser / Sequencer W/ Effects & More!

The DX200 is everything FM synth you could want, plus more in a little desktop box.  Based on the DX7, an authentic 6-operator FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis engine sits at the heart of the DX200. It also features a realtime 16-step sequencer (groove-box) designed for musicians and DJs alike! On top of that, the DX200 is fully compatible with DX7 System Exclusive MIDI data for downloading DX7 patches into the DX200, and vice-versa!

In addition to the 16-voice polyphonic FM synth sounds, the DX200 also provides 32 voices of AWM2 sample-playback for drum, percussion, bass, and rhythm sounds. There are over 120 sounds available to choose from; most are geared towards the dance genre. Sixteen realtime control knobs provide hands on access to FM parameters, LFO, envelope, filter, and effects. FM synthesis/programming has actually been somewhat simplified for use in the DX200. It also features an advanced resonant multi-mode filter with variable 12, 18 or 24 dB/oct slopes and lowpass, hipass, bandpass, and band reject modes. The lowpass features a dedicated envelope generator. The ADSR envelope can control both the filter and the Amp. Also onboard are portamento, polyphonic, mono, and unison modes. The LFO features up to 21 waveforms and can modulate either the pitch or filter.

The DX200 has realtime control, built-in realtime sequencing, filters, morphing ability and much more!


  • This is a used unit. 

  • Physically this unit is in great condition for its age. It shows some light wear from use and age. One knob is not original.  

  • This unit has had a minor service. All switches, pots and encoders function as they should. This DX200 is a pleasure to use and sounds great!
  • This unit has had a brand new memory battery installed. 

  • This unit will ship with a generic power supply if new owner is located within Australia or New Zealand.

  • This sale is for the DX200 unit only. Nothing else is included in this sale unless mentioned above. 


Polyphony - 16 voices on FM engine, 32 voices on AWM2 sample-playback engine

Oscillators - MAIN SYNTHESIZER: FM - DX7 compatible, 6 Operator FM, 32 algorithms;
NOISE: 16 variations in 5 categories - white, up, down, pitch, variation;
SUB SYNTHESIZER: AWM2 (Rhythm Section Sounds)

Filter - MAIN SYNTHESIZER (FM): Filter + (FEG) ADSR env; 12dB, 18dB, 24dB; Low-, high-, band-pass, band-reject

VCA - AEG: ADSR envelope to control Amp; FREE Envelope Generator: 4 tracks per pattern

LFO - Speed/Depth control, 6 waveform types: triangle, saw down/up, square, sine, sample-and-hold
Keyboard - 16 rubber pads

Effects - 13 types: Distortion, delays, reverb, flangers, chorus, phasers, overdrive

Sequencer - 16 step sequencer with 4 parts per pattern; 1 track for Synth, 3 tracks for AWM2 drum sounds; 10 songs capacity
Memory - 256 preset patterns, 128 user patterns; Scene Memory (2 memories per pattern)

Control - MIDI IN/OUT (1-part multitimbral FM, 3-part multitimbral AWM2), MIDI CLOCK (Int/Ext)

Date Produced - 2001


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