Yamaha SY85 Music Synthesiser With Sequencer and Effects *Floppy disk drive does NOT work*

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Yamaha SY85 Music Synthesiser With Sequencer and Effects *Floppy disk drive does NOT work*

The SY85 was released in the 1990's. It is a digital synth and uses Yamahas Advanced Wave Memory. It has 32 voices and is 16 part multitimbral. it features a display screen, MIDI, sequencer, pitch and mod wheels and a dual effects processor. 


 This is a used unit.

 This unit is in good condition. It shows some wear like some scratches. Nothing too major and is oveall still a nice keyboard. 

 This unit has one faulty which is that the floppy disk drive is not working. It could be swapped out by a synth savvy person.

• Besides the faulty floppy drive this unit is functioning and sounding as it should. 

 Please note this unit is 100V.  You must ensure you connect it to the correct step-down transformer before powering the unit on. If you are unsure about this or have any questions please send us a message. We have some step-downs for sale for use in Australia. Please see our other listings. If you purchase from overseas you may also need to use a step-down too. 


Polyphony - 32 voices
Oscillators - AWM2 (2nd-generation Advanced Wave Memory)
Filter - Digital LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF (Band Elimination Filter)
Sequencer - 9 tracks (8 normal+1 rhythm) 20,000 note capacity, 100 patterns, 10 Songs
Effects - 2 Discrete FX units, each with 90 effect types (Chorus, flange, reverb, delay, exciter, EQ, ring modulation, leslie, distortion, etc.)
Keyboard - 61 keys 
Memory - Wave ROM: 6 MB.
Wave RAM 0.5 MB.
Expandable to 3.5 MB
Control - MIDI (16-part multitimbral)
Date Produced - 1992



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