Yamaha RX5 Vintage 80's Digital Rhythm Programmer - Drum Machine Sequencer

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Yamaha RX5 80's Digital Rhythm Programmer - Drum Machine & Sequencer 

 The RX5 was released in 1986 as Yamaha's flagship drum machine. It has tons of fun features which help producers create their own individual sound such as pitch adjustment, level control, "Attack" and "Decay" envelope controls, "Bend Amount" and "Bend Rate" parameters, "Reverse" and "Damp" functions as well as two levels of "Accent".  The sounds range from surprisingly real and punchy kicks and snares, to gunshots, door slams, even guitar and bass samples. And don't forget the 12 channel mixer with stereo out plus 12 individual outputs. Along with full MIDI Implementation!


  • This is a used unit. 

  • Physically this unit is in good condition for its age with some small, general nicks and scratches from use over the years. There is a little bit of dust in the screen, it does not detract from use at all. There is nothing major at all and overall it is a very nice piece for its age. 

  • This unit has been serviced. This included cleaning all the slide pots. All switches, sliders and controls function as they should.

  • This unit will ship with a generic power adaptor if the buyer is located within Australia. 


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