DBX 160X Classic Compressor / Limiter 1U Rack Signal Processor - 100V

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DBX 160X Classic 80's Vintage Compressor / Limiter 1U Rack Signal Processor - 100V

One of the better known compressor / limiters from the DBX series. It is simple to use and excellent for punchy drums. Inputs & outputs are on jacks and on a barrier strip with screw terminals. Pairs of 160Xs can be stereo linked via a back-panel jack socket and the link switch on the front panel. 160X models will link with other 160X and 160XT models but not with the 160A

  • This unit has been used.

  • This unit is in great physical condition. It shows some small scratches and scuffs etc, nothing major at all. (Please see all photos)

  • This unit has been thoroughly tested and it working as it should.

  • Please be aware, this unit is 100V. This means you MUST connect it to the correct step-down transformer before powering it on. If you are unsure about this feel free to send us a message as we would be glad to help you source the correct item. We also have some for sale. Please see our other listings.

  • The use of a step-down transformer may also apply to international buyers as well. Please ask if you are unsure so we can help you source the correct item. 


  • OverEasy or classic hard knee compression with dbx's ultra-musical program dependent attack and release times

  • Compression ratio variable from 1:1 through infinity :1 to negative compression

  • Precision dual RMS LED display monitors input or output and gain reduction over a wide range and calibrates for different operating levels

  • Up to 40dB of gain reduction available

  • Exclusive Infinity+ compression allows negative compression

  • Optional output transformer capable

  • Strappable with another 160X or 160XT


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