Denon DP-57L 80's Audiophile Direct Drive Luxury Listening Turntable - 100V

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Denon DP-57L Audiophile Direct Drive Luxury Listening Turntable - 100V

The Denon DP-50L is a direct-drive turntable that was released in Japan in 1982, during the "Golden Era" of Japanese audiophile equipment. 
The Denon  is a two speed, direct drive, manual turntable. It has the vintage vibe and feel of all the classic Denon units. It is simple and solid!  The “L” version indicates automatic operation, with an auto-lifter arm. The Auto arm is one of our favourite features on any turntable as it saves your stylus from unnecessary wear.  



  • This is a used unit.

  • This DP-57L is in good condition. It only shows some wear from use and age. Most notably it has some chips in the veneer at the front. This general wear does not detract from its functionality and overall it is a very nice piece. 

  • This unit will ship with a genuine Denon headshell. Fitted to the unit is a used Technics EPC-U1200 cartridge and stylus. These have been used but are in great working condition.  

  • Please be aware, this unit is 100V. This means you MUST connect it to the correct step-down transformer before powering it on. If you are unsure about this feel free to send us a message as we would be glad to help you source the correct item. We also have some for sale, please see our other listings. 
  • The use of a step-down transformer may also apply to international buyers as well. Please ask if you are unsure so we can help you source the correct item.


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