E-mu EIII XP Emulator / Sampler / Rompler / Sequencer With SCSI to SD Card

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E-mu EIII XP Emulator / Sampler / Rompler With SCSI to SD Card

The Emu EIII XP is a 3U rack, 32 voice multitimbral, velocity and pressure sensitive, 16 bit sampler with 3 stereo submix outputs, featuring a programmable digital low pass filter, LFO, dedicated filter, amp, and auxiliary AHDSR envelopes, arpeggiator, real-time 16 track sequencer, doppler/pan/exciter, RS-422, MIDI, and stereo AES/EBU inputs/outputs. Samples are recorded at 32kHz, 44.1kHz, or 48kHz. Sample editing includes loop, mix, reverse, splice, taper, truncate, and transform multiplication, along with other digital effects.

This unit does not have the Analog Input and can only be used as a sampler using a DAT and the AES digital in, which is not very practical these days. However, the SD card included with this unit has been preloaded with some classic Emulator sounds. To add more banks to the SD card you can use the EMXP software which you can download for free online. 


  • This unit has been used.|

  • This unit is in excellent physical and functional condition. It functions as it should and sounds great!

  • This unit has been serviced. The floppy disk drive has been replaced with a brand new SCSI to SD card reader. 

  • This unit only shows some minor physical wear like some scratches on the top of the unit. Please see photos for more details. 

  • This unit been tested and is working as it should. 
  • This unit is 100-240V so is worldwide compatible. It uses a standard IEC cable to power on. This cable is not included in the sale.


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