E-MU Systems EMAX 1 80's Digital Sampler Workstation W/ SD Card Reader - 240V

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E-MU Systems EMAX 1 80's Digital Sampler Workstation W/ SD Card Reader - 240V 

The Emax has an extensive library collection of samples that can be loaded via the built-in 3.5" hard drive, however this unit has had the 3.5" floppy replaced with a modern SD card reader, or you can sample your own sounds into the EMAX. The Sampler is powerful, but lo-fi. It samples at 12-bit resolution with variable sample-rates up to 42kHz. The built-in memory is 512K which only gives you a few good seconds. Sampling and editing is easy, complete and intuitive with auto sample placement, auto-looping, truncating, reversing, velocity cross-fade, etc. The Emax also features individual channel outputs and stereo outputs and extensive MIDI implementation.

The Emax features many common analogue synth-type controls for easily shaping your samples. Tune, filter and shape the envelope or use LFO's and chorus to liven up your samples. There's also an on-board sequencer section. A real-time only 16-track, non-quantizable sequencer for basic scratch-pad use or simple arpeggios or patterns. The Emax instruments were the most advanced of the classic keyboard samplers of the late 1980's. (Text from Vintage Synth Explorer)

This unit will ship with a 16GB SD card filled with tons of awesome sounds to get you started. Once our team got this beauty booted up again they were pleasantly surprised with how great the EMAX actually sounds. 

  • This unit has been used. 

  • This unit is in good condition. It shows some general wear on the faceplate where it looks like it has been peeling a bit. Nothing major and nothing which detracts from the use or functions of the unit. Please see all photos. 

  • This unit has been serviced. The faulty floppy disk drive was replaced with an SD card emulator. A 16GB card running OS 3.2 will be included. This SD card also includes 54 "disks" with around 20-30 different sounds on each!

  • This unit has had a brand new 100-240V switch mode power supply installed.

  • This unit is fully functional and ready to go at home or in the studio. 

  • This unit is 100-240V. This means it is ready to plug and play anywhere in the world!

  • This unit requires an IEC cable to power on. This cable will only be included for Australian buyers. 


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