E-MU Vintage Keys Original MIDI Module Classic Analogue Synthesiser Sounds 1U

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E-MU Vintage Keys Sound Module

The Vintage Keys is a digital rackmount synthesizer that emulates the sounds of classic vintage synths. Loaded with good samples of vintage synth sounds. Just like the classics it has Portamento, a VCF (filter) and a Chorus effect. It has a lot of modulation capabilities which are all real-time and MIDI controllable.



  • This is a second hand Vintage Keys original unit.
  • This unit is in good condition. It shows some wear on top of the unit like general scratches. One side near the rack mount is slightly bent. The faceplate is pretty nice and clean besides the mentioned bend. 
  • This unit has been tested and is fully functional. 
  • This Vintage Keys is 100-240V. It is worldwide compatible. It uses a standard IEC cable to power on. (Not included in sale)



Polyphony - 32 voices + 16 part multitimbral

Oscillators - 8 MB of ROM samples. 

LFO - Yes, with lots of modulation sources and destinations

Filter - Lowpass


Memory - 358 patches. Plus model has 512 patches.

Control - MIDI

Date Produced - 1993 / 1994


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