Ensoniq VFX Polyphonic 61 Key Dynamic Component Synthesis Synthesiser - 240V

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Ensoniq VFX Dynamic Component Synthesis Polyphonic Synthesiser

Produced in 1989, the VFX followed up from the SQ-80 and and ESQ-1. The VFX added more polyphony and waveforms. It allowed for the PPG-like synthesis putting it into unique class of digital synthesisers along with the PPG Wave series, Waldorf Microwave series, and Ensoniq, SQ-80, ESQ-1, and Fizmo. 

The VFX has 21 voices and a single patch can contain up to 6 different waveforms that can be combined and layered. It also features Advanced and analog-like synth parameters including its dual multi-mode digital filters, three 11-stage envelopes, LFO, and 15 modulation sources allow you to further shape and morph your sounds. There's even a built-in 24-bit VLSI dual effects processor with reverb, chorus, flanging, and delay as well as  full MIDI implementation. (Vintage Synth Explorer)


  • This is a used unit. 

  • Physically this unit is in good condition for its age. It shows a small amount of wear like nicks and scratches from use over the years. Mostly on the sides. The keys have started to turn a faint cream colour. There is nothing major at all, nor anything which detracts from the sounds or functions of this synthesiser. Please see all photos for further details.

  • All keys, potentiometers and switches are functioning as they should. It sounds great and is a pleasure to use.

  • This VFX is an orignal 240V model. This means it is ready to plug and play in Australia! If you purchase from overseas please ensure you have the correct step-up transformer before powering on this synth. If you are unsure about this please send us a message as we'd we glad to help you out.

  • This is the original VFX model, not to be confused with the VFX SD.

  • This VFX powers off a standard IEC / "kettle" cable. This cable is not included in the sale.


Polyphony - 21 voices

Oscillators - 1 to 6 per voice. Wavetable has 109 waveforms (multi-sampled acoustic instruments, sustained waveforms, harmonic and inharmonic structures)


Filter - Dual multi-mode digital filters; High- and Low-Pass with 12 or 24 dB/Oct. Band-pass filter with 12 dB/Oct.

Envelopes - 3 11-stage envelopes

Effects - 24-bit Dual VLSI Multi-Effects: reverb, chorus, flanging, and delay

Keyboard - 61 keys (velocity and polyphonic aftertouch)

Memory - 120 patches, 12 performances

Control - MIDI IN/OUT/THRU (12-channel multitimbral)

Date Produced - 1989


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