Moog Rogue Vintage 80's Monophonic Analogue Synthesiser

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Moog Rogue 80's Monophonic Synthesiser

An inexpensive way to get your hands on those vintage Moog bass sounds and shimmering leads!


This is a used unit. 

Physically this unit is in good condition for its age. It shows some signs of wear for example the pitch bend and mod wheels are yellowing. Please see photos for more details.

The keys are still nice and bright and white and the synth has all its original knobs. All text is bright and clear. 

All switches, sliders and controls are functioning well.

It has recently come from a service including a tune up and full calibration to factory specifications. It is sounding great and a pleasure to play.

The service included a deep clean inside and out. The keybed and contacts were also cleaned and lubricated. The machine was fully re-caped using only high quality, high temperature Panasonic and Nichicon components for longevity and reliability. Also all the sliders and switches were cleaned and lubricated. This unit had a thorough test and full 24hr burn in period to ensure the synth is functioning to its full capacity.  

This Rogue will ship with with a used power adaptor which came with the unit when we bought it. 

Please note the power adaptor is 240V. 
It is ready to plug and play within Australia however if you purchase from overseas you will either need a new adaptor or the appropriate step-up transformer. If you are unsure about this please send us a message.

Return Policy:

Returns will only be accepted for manufacture defects / faulty items. Please contact us if you have any problems with your purchase and we will strive to work it out with you.