Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Groove Filter FX + AMP Modeling + Drum Box Guitar Effects

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Roger Linn AdrenaLinn Groove Filter FX + AMP Modeling + Drum Box Guitar Effects Pedal / Box

Bump up Your sound with AdrenaLinn, a guitar effects processor from Roger Linn, creator of the digital drum machine and a host of innovative products that revolutionized both music and music making. And he's also a guitar player.

Groove Filter Effects
AdrenaLinn delivers a class of guitar processing called Groove Filter Effects - a whole palette of sounds that alter your tone rhythmically in sync to its internal drum machine or to MIDI.

Filter Sequences
Dynamic looping patterns of filtered tones. You'll be amazed at how this transforms even simple chords into an exciting foundation for a new song idea. Select one of the preset sequences or make one up to fit your song.

Beat-Synced Modulation
Tremolo, filter sweeps, flanging, sample and hold filter, auto-pan, and more.

Beat-Synced Delay
Simply select a note duration and the delay follows your tempo.

Processed Drumbeats
By routing the programmable drum machine through the filter processing, you'll create amazing filtered grooves.

Classic Filter Sounds
AdrenaLinn provides a variety of classic filter effects, including envelope filter and note-triggered envelope swells. And with the ability to route any modulation source to any filter type, you'll get entirely new sounds. How about an envelope flanger?

Amp Modeling
AdrenaLinn includes a superb amp modeler, providing an assortment of amps from clean twangs to boutique amps to super-overdriven stacks. You'll love how they sound on their own, but they truly shine when used together with the filter effects.


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