Roland Boss Dr Rhythm DR 550 MK II Portable Drum Machine

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Roland BOSS Dr Rhythm DR-500 MK II

The Dr-550 MK II is ultra-compact and can be powered on 6 x AA batteries. So small and light, the Dr-550 makes it easy to create beats anywhere from your bedroom, on the bus or at the park. This powerful entry level machine from the late 80's is capable of fills and shuffles with 32nd notes and triplets available in programming. The machine works at 16-bit and is fairly clean and punchy.  Many of its sounds are similar to its bigger sister, the Roland R-8. Useful features include "tone colour", that allows you to modify the basic filter frequencies of each sample, and "decay", that obviously lengthens or shortens the sample. The DR-550 MK II has a basic MIDI IN port, which allows the unit to be synchronised to a sequencer, or another drum machine. This little box is an excellent companion for bedroom producers and old-school DJs alike.

  • This is a used unit.

  • This unit is in excellent physical and functional condition.

  • This unit has been thoroughly tested and is working and sounding as great as it should.

  • This unit only has some very minor blemishes and overall is in great condition for its age.

  • This unit can be powered off 6 x AA batteries or Roland (or equivalent) 9V, 1.5A negative centre power supply. (Not included in sale)

    • Internal Sounds: 91
    • Dynamic Range: 16 bit
    • 12
    • Level: 0 to 15
    • Decay :-32 to +32
    • Pan: 7 positions
    • Assign Types: MONO/POLY/EXC 1, 2
    • Tone Color: 0 to 7
    • Accent Follow: -7 to +7
    • Programmable Patterns: 64
    • Preset Patterns: 64
  • SONGS:
    • 8 (max. of 160 measures)
    • Max. of 1280 measures of successive play permissible (using Song Chain)
    • 40 - 250 bpm
    • 90 mA
    • 188 x 157 x 41 mm - 7 3/8 x 6 3/16 x 1 5/8 inches
    • WEIGHT:
      • 510 g (including batteries. Batteries not included in sale)