Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox Synthesiser Digital Rhythm Programer 240v

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Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox

The MC-909 is Roland's answer to the demands of serious producers who want a workstation that seamlessly integrates audio and MIDI. Based on the XV-series synthesis engine with sampling RAM expandable up to 272MB (16MB standard), the MC-909 has evolved beyond the original concept of a Groovebox. It also boasts professional sequencing, onboard effects, mastering tools and an ultra-intuitive interface-plus a USB port for exchanging samples and sequences with a PC, the MC-909 is all you need to take your music from conception to completion. (Roland)


  • This unit has been used.

  • This MC-909 is in excellent physical and working condition.

  • This unit only has some very minor wear from use over the years. The knobs are still nice and white.

  • This unit has had a minor service. It has been tested and all functions are working as they should. 

  • This unit is 240V.
    It is ready to plug and play within Australia! 
    Please be aware if you purchase from overseas you will need to ensure you have the correct step-up transformer before powering up this workstation. Please feel free to as us any questions you may have about this. 

  • This unit uses a standard IEC cable to power on. This cable is not included in the sale.


Polyphony - 64 voices (16-part multitimbral)

Oscillators - 32MB - 693 Waves

Sampler - 16-bit linear, 44.1 kHz (File Type: WAV/AIFF);

Internal memory (16MB) only = mono: 180 sec. (stereo 90 sec. approx.), with DIMM (256MB) = mono: 51 min. (stereo 25.5 min. approx.)

Samples: User/2,000, Card/7,000 (128MB SmartMedia - Not included)

Sequencer - 16-Tracks;

Patterns: Preset 333, RPS 440, User 200, Card 999

Songs: 50

Rec. Modes: Realtime, TR-REC, Step

Arpeggiator - Patterns: 128 Preset / 128 User; Chord Memory: 64 Preset, 128 User ; RPS Set: 50; Pattern set: 50

Memory - Patches: Preset/917, User/256, Card/256

Rhythm Set: Preset/89, User/128, SmartMedia Card/128

1 Expansion Slot for Wave Expansion Board SRX Series (Expansion board not included)

Effects - MultiFX: MFX1: 38 Types, MFX2: 47 Types; 4 Reverb Types, 1 Compressor, 3-band Mastering Compressor

Filter - 1 per tone, max: 4 per patch. Cutoff, Resonance, ADSR, 12/24/36 dB/oct.

LFO - 2 per part, 8 waveforms, Rate & Depth controls

VCA - 1 ADSR Envelope per tone

Keyboard - 16 velocity sensitive pads

Control - MIDI In/Out, USB 

Date Produced - 2003

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