Roland RE-5 Vintage 80's Digital Space Echo - Japan Release Only - 100V

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Roland RE-5 Vintage 80's Digital Space Echo - Japan Release Only - 100V

The Roland RE-5 was released in 1988. This unit was only ever released in Japan so you don't see them for sale very often. The RE-5 was capable of producing a dual-tap delay effect up to 300ms and in keeping with Space Echo tradition, it also features a digital reverb circuit. Whilst most agree that it doesn't sound much at all like a tape Space Echo, it has found some favour in recent years with the retro crowd who enjoy the unique tones created by early digital equipment with low sample rates.

This unit has 5 presets. Space Echo 1, 2, 3 and Rev Echo 1, 2. There is a bass and treble adjustment and Intensity, Repeat and Reverb level controls. All three affect the Space Echo presets 1-2 while 3 is unaffected by the Reverb level control. Rev Echo Presets 1-2 are only affected by the the Reverb level control. 


  • This is a used unit.

  • This unit has been tested and is fully functional.

  • The screen is bright and clear.

  • This unit is in great cosmetic condition, with only some small wear and tear from use over the years. Please see photos for further details. Unfortunately is has no rack ears. 

  • Please be aware, this unit is 100V. This means you MUST connect it to the correct step-down transformer before powering it on. If you are unsure about this feel free to send us a message as we would be glad to help you source the correct item. We also have some for sale, please see our other listings. 

  • The use of a step-down transformer may also apply to international buyers as well. Please ask if you are unsure so we can help you source the correct item. 


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