Roland SR-JV80-05 WORLD Expansion Board JV-1080 JV-2080 XV-5080 JD-990

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Roland SR-JV80-05 WORLD Expansion Board JV-1080 JV-2080 XV-5080 JD-990

Number five in Roland's large sound library for JV/XP instruments, the "World" expansion board is dedicated to sounds, instruments, loops and musical effects from all around our planet.

The board opens with the spectacular "World Tour!", a spectacular offering of loops from different continents, and from there, it's a wild ride between Africa, Asia, the Americas, and even a little bit of Europe and Australia.

Another great thing about this board is the creative use of digital effects to augment - and in several cases, create new - instruments and loops.  Several "ambient patches" are based upon the ethnic samples in ROM, but sound like they came out from something like Spectrasonics' "Distorted Reality".

The single instruments are also great fun to play, and using the pitch bender and modulation wheel is possible to mimic quite well the sonic character of the original instruments.

(Taken from Synthmania . com)


  • This is a used item. 

  • This SR-JV80-05 has been tested and is working as it should. 


  • Fantom FA76
  • XV-88
  • XV-3080 
  • XV-5080
  • JV-80 
  • JV-90
  • JV-1000
  • XP-30
  • XP-50
  • XP-60
  • XP-80
  • JV-880
  • JD-990
  • JV-1010
  • JV-1080
  • JV-2080


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