Roland System-100 Model-101 Classic Analogue Monophonic Synthesiser

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Roland System-100 Model-101 Synthesiser 

The Model 101 synthesiser is an absolute classic from the 70's! It is a semi modular mono synth with plenty of sliders for tweaking your sound. It features an ADSR, LFO, Portamento, a VCO with pulse width modulation, white or pink noise, an audio mixer with sliders for VCO, Noise, and External Input, a high-pass filter, a low-pass VCF, and a VCA with input for LFO. There are also buttons for auto-glide and manual-glide and an A-440Hz tuning oscillator.


 This is a used unit. 

 This unit physically is in good to fair physical condition for a synthesiser from the 70's. It shows some obvious wear from use and age age for example some nicks, scratches, marks and oxidisation. There are some sections where the finish has been rubbed off. The keys have also started to turn a cream colour. (They look brighter in these photos than they really are). There is no major damage or anything which detracts from the use or functions of this unit. Please see all photos for further details. 

• Although not physically in amazing condition, this unit has had a major service. It functions and sounds as it should. It does not have any faults to note. It is in excellent working condition. 

 Please be aware this unit is 100V. This means it MUST be used with a step-down transformer, not a travel adaptor. If you are unsure about this please let us know. We have some great, compatible step-downs for sale HERE. They are designed in Australia for use in Australia and can be run 24/7.

• If you purchase from outside Australia you may need a step-down transformer to use this unit. Please contact us if you need any help sourcing the correct product. 

• This sale is for the Model-101 only. Nothing else is included in this sale. 


Polyphony - Monophonic

Oscillators - 1 VCO with PWM and tuning from 10Hz to 10kHz, External Sound-In jack, White/Pink Noise.

Filter - High-Pass filter, Low-Pass filter 

VCA - ADSR envelope

Keyboard - 37 keys 

Control - CV / Gate

Date Produced - 1975-1979


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