Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Vintage Analogue Polyphonic Synthesiser - 100V

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Vintage Analogue Polyphonic Synthesiser - 100V

The Prophet 600 not only is a great sounding synth, it also hold a little bit of synth history, as it was the first commercially available synthesiser which featured MIDI. The P600 has two oscillators per voice with sawtooth, triangle and variable pulse waveforms. The oscillators can be individually tuned or synced together. Similar quality VCF and VCA sections from the Prophet 5 can be found here too! The Prophet 5's Poly-Mod section is also a feature of the Prophet 600. It also includes the onboard arpeggiator, 2-track sequencer and poly-modulation. The P600 is great for creating analog effects, swells and drones. It has a cool glide effect and has very flexible modulation possibilities! It is Perfect for Ambient, Dub and other electronic music. (Vintage Synth explorer)


  • This is a used unit.

  • This unit is in good condition for its age. It shows some small nicks and scratches, as well as a larger section where the paint has come off near the mod and pitch wheels. The side panels are in good condition and only show a small amount of general wear. Please see all photos for further details. 

  • This unit has had the membrane panel replaced in the past. It looks a little skew, but is fully functional ad working well. 

  • This unit has had a minor service. This included a deep clean inside and out, any faulty components were replaced, the key contacts were cleaned and the memory battery has been replaced.

  • This Prophet 600 has been thoroughly tested and everything is working as it should. It also sounds great!

  • Please be aware this unit is 100V. This means it MUST be used with a step-down transformer, not a travel adaptor. If you are unsure about this please let us know. We have some great, compatible step-downs for sale, please see our other items. They are designed in Australia for use in Australia and can be run 24/7.

  •  If you purchase from outside Australia you may need a step-down transformer to use this unit. Please contact us if you need any help sourcing the correct product. 


  • Polyphony - 6 Voices

  • Oscillators - VCO A saw / pulse / tri; VCO B saw / pulse / tri / PW

  • LFO - pulse / tri

  • Filter - cutoff / res / env / kybd

  • VCA - ADSR

  • Keyboard - 61 keys

  • Arpeg/Seq - Sequencer: 2-track, real-time only; Arpeggiator: up, down, up/down

  • Control - MIDI

  • Date Produced - 1982

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