Sequential Circuits Split-Eight SCI Vintage Analogue Polyphonic Synthesiser

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Sequential Circuits Split-Eight 

The Split-Eight is an awesome programable polyphonic synthesiser which uses the Curtis 3394 SENTE chips. The keyboard features splits and layers, all of which can be saved with patch data. Choose between 8 voice polyphony with 1 oscillator per voice, 4 voice polyphony with dual oscillators per voice, 2 voice polyphony with a mega 4 oscillators per voice, or the unison mode which is just a fat 8-voice solo. This synth is a great and inexpensive way to get your hands on a user friendly, vintage, 8 voice polysynth for your professional or home studio.


  • This is a used unit.

  • This unit is in good condition for its age. It shows some small scratches and scuffs however nothing major. Most wear occurs on the wooden sides which could be sanded back and re painted if the buyer chose to. Please see photos.

  • This unit has been serviced. The service included a new memory battery, re-cap, refurbished PSU board, cleaned all switch, pot, button and key contacts as well as lubricating where necessary. This synth has also had a good clean inside and out.

  • After being serviced the synthesiser was thoroughly tested and the factory patches have been reloaded. 

  • This unit had previously been concerted to 220V so is ready to plug and play within Australia. 
    If you purchase from overseas please ensure you have the correct step-up transformer before powering on this unit. 


  • Polyphony - 8 voices

  • Oscillators - 8: 1 per voice (sawtooth, triangle and square)

  • LFO - 1: programmable rate (0.25 - 20 Hz), depth, triangle, square waveforms; route to VCO, VCF, or pwm

  • Filter - 24dB/octave 4-pole lowpass resonant filter; cutoff, kybd, ADSR env

  • VCA - 2 ADSR Envelope gens

  • Keyboard - 61 keys (no velocity or aftertouch)

  • Memory - 64 patches, 64 performances

  • Control - MIDI IN/OUT (2-parts), SysEx dumping

  • Date Produced - 1985

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