Sony TC-D5 Vintage Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder & Player - Serviced

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 Sony TC-D5 Vintage Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder - Serviced

This Sony TC-D5 is a stereo cassette deck with Dolby B noise reduction, it was first sold by Sony in 1978.

The Sony TC-D5 model, spanning various iterations, holds a remarkable distinction in Sony's production history, boasting one of the longest production runs. Its enduring popularity stems from being the precursor to the Professional Recording Walkmans and serving as an indispensable tool for reporters and media correspondents globally. Renowned for its unparalleled durability and reliability, this device was favoured for field recordings, earning a reputation as an exceptionally robust piece of equipment.

Moreover, it found favor among music concert bootleggers, being notably associated with capturing performances, including some iconic Pink Floyd bootlegs, underscoring its historical significance within music culture. 

represents an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking a nostalgic experience with cassette machines. Its versatility allows for the playback and enjoyment of vintage tapes, as well as the recording of new ones. Its portable design and battery-powered feature enable outdoor usage for capturing natural soundscapes and samples. Additionally, it serves as an authentic and functional vintage prop suitable for utilisation in film, television, and theatrical productions.


• This unit has been used. 

• This unit shows a small amount of wear. This includes some small nicks, scratches and marks. Nothing major at all. Overall it is a very nice piece. Please see all photos. 

• This Sony TC-D5M has had a service. All faulty parts were replaced, the belts were replaced with brand new ones. The tape mechanism has been cleaned and re-greased. 

• This unit has been thoroughly tested. It sounds great and it is working really well!

The tape in the photos is not included in this sale. It is pictured for demonstation purposes only. 

• This unit ships with its orignal leather look case. The case shows some wear and the some of the finish is coming off. Please see photos. It is still great for protecting the TC-D5 unit. 

• This unit can be powered off two D batteries or a 6V DC Negative Centre power adaptor. A power supply will be included for Australian and New Zealand buyers only.  


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