Sony Walkman WM-6D Rare Vintage Portable Cassette Player & Recorder - Serviced!

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Sony Walkman WM-6D Rare Vintage Portable Cassette Player & Recorder - Serviced!

One of the greatest recording Walkmans of all time! The Sony WM-6D was released in 1982 and stayed in production until 1984 when it was replaced by the more common WM-6DC. 

The WM-6D is somewhat like a miniature version of the popular Sony TC-D5, and although the WM-D6 was not the first Walkman model that could record, it was the first that could do so to such high standards that it was suitable for professional use.

To raise the quality of this walkman, Sony fitted it with a disc drive capstan servo similar to that of the TC-D5, but, the designers took the disc drive concept one stage further and made it quartz controlled. At a stroke, this removed any possibility of drift or error, and gave the WM-D6 perfect speed accuracy under all conditions. 

Other features carried over form the TC-D5 included the ferrite heads and the DC-DC converter, which enabled the electronics to operate at a higher voltage than the batteries would normally provide, improving the sound quality. 

An input was provided for a microphone, though using the switchable attenuator this could also accept signals from an amplifier or second recorder and two pairs of headphones can be connected at the same time! A three position tape selector switch allows for normal, chrome and metal tapes to be used for both recording and playback.

The WM-D6 was expensive at the time, but was also capable of outstanding performance, better than many full-sized cassette decks. It was quickly adopted by radio stations and news organisations as the ideal machine for reporters to use. It also became a favourite for making high quality but discreet “bootleg” recordings at concerts!

The serial number can be found in the battery compartment, it is 16089. 

This Walkman is perfect for a bit of nostalgia, listening to old tape you made with your friends, revisiting your old collection of your favourite artists cassettes, making recordings or as an awesome functional 80's prop for film and TV. 


• This unit has been used. 

• This unit shows a small amount of wear from use and age like some marks, nicks and light scratches. Some of the finish is rubbing off at the front. There is a Sony 25 years of service sticker on the back. It looks like it suits the machine well so we have left it on there. Overall nothing major, nor anything which detracts from its use, sound or functions. Please see all photos. 

• This Sony WM-D6 has had a major service. All faulty parts were replaced. The tape mechanism has been cleaned and re-greased. Brand new belts have been installed. This unit has no faults to note. 

• This unit has been tested it sounds great and it is working very well. 

• This unit can be powered off Four AA batteries or a 6V DC Negative Centre power adaptor. 

• This unit will ship with a generic power supply for Australian and New Zealand buyers only. (No batteries are included)

• This sale is for the WD-6M, neck strap and PSU (AU & NZ only). Nothing else is included unless mentioned above. 

• Please note: The tape in the pictures is for demonstration purposes only and is NOT included in this sale. 


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