Tascam CD-RW700 Rack Mount Professional CD Recorder & Player - 100V

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Tascam CD-RW700 Rack Mount Professional CD Recorder & Player - 100V

TASCAM's CD-RW700 is a professional audio CD recorder, providing an advanced feature set at a modest price. This robust CD-Recorder's price-point actually makes it affordable enough to be installed in place of a CD player, in many occasions. Many of our CD-RW700 owners have commented on the fantastic sound of the recordings they've made. Our 24-bit A/D and D/A converters capture and reproduce the audio with the maximum resolution. For true audiophiles, a "Digital Direct" mode is offered, which bypasses sample rate conversion to give you an exact copy of the original audio. The CD-RW700 is easy to use. Unlike consumer CD-Recorders which require "For Audio Only" CDs, the CD-RW700 is able to record to standard data CD blanks used for computers. The CD-RW700 can also override SCMS codes implemented with consumer players. This means that you won't get stuck with the wrong media, and you'll always be able to make distribution copies of your work. This unit would be great for making demos or a limited run of CDs. 


    • This is a used unit

    • Physically this unit is in great condition for its age. It shows some general wear from use and age like some light scratches, scuffs and nicks on all sides. Overall there is nothing major and it is still a very nice piece. 

    • This unit has been tested and we can confirm it is fully functional.  

    • This unit is 100V. This means you must ensure you have the correct step-down transformer before powering it on. if you are unsure about this please send us a message as we would be glad to help you out. We also have some for sale for use in Australia. Please see our other listings. 

    • This sale is for the unit only. No other parts, cables or accessories are included.


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