Teisco SX 210 Polyphonic Synthesiser 8 Voice Rare 1983 Kawai

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Teisco SX-210 Polyphonic Synthesiser
The Teisco (Kawai) SX-210 is a true analogue machine. These synthesisers were made in Japan and are very rare as we've read possibly only a few thousand were made. 
Teisco SX-210 is an 8 voice single DCO synth based on the SSM2044 filter chips. It has easy to use alpha dial, as there are no tricky menus the SX-210 has a switch for every function and a clear indicator to display the value.  
This synth can be used at 8 single voice, 4 dual voice and 1 eight voice configurations, which means you can stack all 8 oscillators into one fat lead sound. Other features include that the LFO can modulate both DCO, VCF and VCA, all at the same time, it is also one of the only synths to feature both glissando and portamento.

  • This is a used unit.

  • Cosmetically in very good condition for its age. Only some minor wear and tear, mostly on the wooden sides.  (Please see all photos)

  • Has recently come from a full service and calibration.

  • Brand new lithium cell battery has been installed. This has been mounted away from CPU board to prevent any chance of future damage.

  • Factory patches have been installed for the new owner.

  • Has been tested and this synthesiser is working and sounding as it should. 

  • This unit is 100V. Please ensure you have the correct stepdown transformer before powering it on. 
    Please ask if you have any queries.