Waldorf MicroWave 80's Polyphonic 2U Rack Mount Synthesiser - 100V

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Waldorf MicroWave 80's Polyphonic 2U Rack Mount Synthesiser - 100V

Looking back at the 1980's, one standout German synthesiser manufacturer was undoubtedly PPG (Palm Products GmbH), fuelled by the technology in its wavetable based synthesiser, the Wave 2.x series. But like most vintage synth makers, the company was fading. Towards the end of the 1980's, PPG's technology and several of their employees joined Waldorf, another German manufacturer, and the first product to come out of this collaboration was the Microwave, released in 1989. 

The Microwave was built upon what was the PPG Wave. A digital/analog hybrid in which digitally sampled wavetables are processed through analogue VCA envelope and VCF (filter) sections producing a classic and warm yet highly complex sound. In fact, the Microwave uses the same wavetables from the PPG Wave 2.3! In effect, the Microwave sounds like the PPG, which in turn, sounds like synth-pioneers Tangerine Dream. To lower production costs and simultaneously attempt to make it more accessible to more musicians, the Microwave was packaged in a two-unit rack module. It's a powerful instrument in a small and unassuming package.

It has 8-voices and there are 64 on-board memory patches. Microwaves have been used by Nine Inch Nails, Hardfloor, Jimmy Edgar, Vangelis, Crystal Distortion and more! (Vintage Synth Explorer)


• This is a used unit.

• This unit is in good physical condition for something which was released in 1989. It shows some minor wear from age like scratches and nicks, however overall is still a nice pice showing no signs of major damage. Please see photos. 

• This unit has been tested and we can confirm it is fully functional.

• This MicroWave has had a brand new memory battery installed. 

• Please be aware this unit is 100V. This means it MUST be used with a step-down transformer, not a travel adaptor. If you are unsure about this please let us know. We have some great, compatible step-downs for sale, please see our other listings. 

• This sale is for the unit only. No other parts, accessories or cables are included. 


Polyphony - 8 voices, 8-part multitimbral

Oscillators - 64 ROM wavetables and waveform samples

VCF - Analog Curtis CEM 24 dB/oct lowpass filter

VCA - 4 envelopes

Memory - 64 internal, 64 external card

Control - MIDI

Date Produced - 1989


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