Waldorf Microwave II 90's Digital Wavetable 2U Rack Mount Synthesiser

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Waldorf Microwave II 90's Digital Wavetable 2U Rack Mount Synthesiser

The Microwave II was released in 1997. It has tons of waves/wavetables for shaping all kinds of sounds, flexible resonant filters, a noise generator, a ring modulator, a programmable rhythmic arpeggiator, and effects! 

The Microwave II has 10-voices of polyphony, 256 user patches, 128 performance patches and four quick-edit rotary knobs.


  • This is a used unit.

  • This unit is in good condition. It shows some general wear from use and age like some nicks, scratches and scuffs. Sadly like a lot of Waldorf gear, it gets that white patina that forms on the faceplate from the Nextel paint. The encoder knob has a large mark on it. Please see all photos. Overall it is still a nice rack!

  • This unit has been tested and we can confirm it is working as it should. There are no faults to note. The screen is bright and clear, all the buttons and knobs work well. 

  • This unit uses a 12V positive centre power adaptor to power on. A generic power supply will be included for Australian and New Zealand buyers. 

  • International buyers will need to source their own power supply. Please get in touch if you need a hand sourcing one. 

  • This sale is for the unit and PSU (AU and NZ only). Nothing else is included in this sale.


Polyphony - 10 voices
Oscillators - 2 oscillators per voice of 64MB DSP wavetable synthesis (65 preset wavetables, 32 user wavetables); Osc-sync; FM; 1 Ring Mod; 1 Noise Source
Memory - 256 user patches, 128 performance patches
Filter - 13 digital filter models (12/24dB, LP, BP, HP, Notch, waveshaper, bit-reduction, dual BP). Additional in-series 6dB LP or HP filter with keytracking. ADSR envelope.
VCA - 1 VCA, VCA ADSR, 1 Free Envelope
LFO - 2 LFO's, sine, tri, square, random, S&H
Effects - Chorus, Flanger 1 & 2, Autowah BP, Autowah LP, Overdrive, Delay (only available on units with board revision #2 or #3), Amp Mod
Keyboard - none
Arpeg/Seq - Programmable rhythmic arpeggiator, 16 steps, 128 patterns
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1997


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