EMT A100 Vintage 10 Channel High End Analogue Mixing Consol W/ 240V PSU

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EMT A100 Vintage 10 Channel High End Analogue Mixing Consol W/ 240V PSU

The Rare EMT A100 high-end analogue mixer, a gem in the world of broadcasting and studio recording. Crafted with precision by ABE Munich for EMT, this mixer features Penny and Giles faders, as well as Beyer and Neutrik transformers, ensuring top-notch audio quality.

Designed to rival the renowned Studer 169 consoles, EMT desks are celebrated for their exceptional quality, robustness, and ease of repair. This reliability has kept them highly sought after and stable in value over the years.

With a transparent, clean, and "High Fidelity" oriented sound, the EMT A100 offers sweet and musical EQ, perfect for professional audio production.

In the past the EMT has been found in Radio France during the 80's for recording concert and classical music, during more modern times the A100 has been found in prestigious studios like The Pool, where artists like Nick Nave, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, and The Horrors have worked their magic.

This unit is made up of:

10 x A111 Input Modules
2 x A112 Master Modules (Left Right Bus, Compressor / Limiter)
1 X A13 Master Module (Talkback etc)
1 x A114 Master Module (Monitering)
1 x A116 E Power module  & Heat Sync for PSU 302.
1 x PKE PSU 302.

  • This is a used unit.

  • This unit shows some general wear from use and age like some marks, nicks and scratches. There is some oxidisation on the metal hardware. Nothing major at all though. Overall it is still a very nice piece. 

  • This EMT A100 has come from a major service. This included replacing over 300 capacitors and other faulty components. Pots, switches and sliders have been cleaned. All faults were addressed and rectified. This unit has no faults to note. 

  • This unit has been modified on unbalanced TS 1/4 inch Jack for Direct Out on each A111 module. This makes it useful to use the EMT as a bank of 10 high quality mic or line preamps. 

  • The power supply cable which connects the unit to PKE Power Supply unit has been hard wired to the desk. The cable connects to the power supply unit via a 12 pin Tuchel. The cable is approximately 3.5 meters long. 

  • This unit does not have a meter bridge included in the sale. However it comes with the side panels which have space for one to be installed. Please note as there is no meter bridge to test it with, the module the meter bridge connects to has not been tested. 

  • This unit unit comes with the PSU 302. This PSU is 240V! This means it is ready to plug and play within Australia and New Zealand!

  • The PSU 302 has been modified. The 12V supply which was previously used for relay switching which is generally not needed anymore has been replaced with a much more useful 48V phantom power supply. This is available on every XLR Mic Input for your condenser microphones. It is NOT switchable anywhereIf you are unsure about this please get in touch. 

  • International buyers will need a step-up transformer to use this unit. Please get in touch before purchase if you are unsure about this.

  • This sale is for the EMT A100 and PKE PSU 302 only. Nothing else is included in this sale. 

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