Yamaha QY700 Sequencer Workstation W/ MIDI Synthesiser Effects & More

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Yamaha QY700 Music Sequencer Workstation

The QY700 is a high-end Sequencer Workstation released in the mid to late '90's. It's an all-in-one sequencer with a built-in synthesiser, effects, MIDI and tons of memory! It can store up to 110,000 notes, 48 Tracks (32 Linear, 16 Pattern) and 20 Songs. The sequencer has 64 notes of polyphony which is usually more than enough. The sequencer allows recording in Step, Punch-In, and Realtime with overdubbing features. The tempo can range from 5 to 300 bpm and the Conductor Track is very flexible. Thankfully a fairly large 320 x 240 backlit LCD screen makes entry and editing very easy to see and use. In addition to controlling your synths via MIDI, the QY700 has it's own Yamaha synth engine inside. Using AWM2 as well as Yamaha's XG format and good old General MIDI sounds. You get nearly 4,000 drums, bass, guitar, and synth sounds. There's even a library of Phrases like intro, fill and ending patterns that you can use. These phrases are highly tweakable and can be made all your own. There's also Chord memory and plenty of built-in effects to use on the internal sounds as well. (VintageSynthExplorer)


• This is a used unit. 

• This unit is in great condition for its age. It shows some small general signs of wear. This includes some small marks, nicks and scratches. Nothing major at all. Please see photos. 

• This QY700 has has been serviced and also had a thorough test. We can confirm this sequencer is working and the unit is sounding as it should. There is not faults to note. 

• A generic power adaptor will be included if buyer is located within Australia or New Zealand.

• This unit will ship with its genuine Yamaha soft case. 

• This sale is for the unit only. Nothing else besides a PSU for AU & NZ buyers is included. 

• The screen looks a bit odd in some of the photos due to the contrast setting and camera angle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the screen or the contrast control. It is bight and clear. 


Polyphony - Maximum 32 simultaneous notes from Sequencer. Maximum 32 simultaneous notes from internal synth tone generator.

Sequencer - 110,000 notes (lithium battery backup); 32 Tracks; 20 Songs. Timing Resolution: 1/480 quarter-notes. Tempo: 25-300 bpm.

Tone Generator - AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory; 32Mbit Wave ROM), XG, GM. 480 Normal Voices; 11 Drum voices. Maximum 32 timbres (last-note priority with element reverse, DVA).

Phrases/Styles - 3876 Preset phrases, 99 User phrases per style. 64 styles consisting of Preset phrases and User phrases), 8 sections per style.

Chord Memory - M7, M, 6, m7(11), M9, add9, m,m6, m7,m7(flat5), mM7, m9, madd9, 7,7(sharp5), 7(flat9), 9, 7(sharp9), 7(sharp11), 7(flat 13), 7(13), 7sus4, sus4, dim, aug, 6-09, 7(flat5).

Effects - 11 Reverbs, 11 Choruses, Delay, Rotary Speaker, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Phaser, Distortion, Overdrive, Amp Sim, 3-band EQ, 2-band EQ, Auto Wah, and more.

Memory - 3.5 in. 2DD/2HD floppy disk drive (SMF Format 0/1, ESEQ)

Control - MIDI IN/OUT (x2), Foot Switch

Date Produced - 1996



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