Roland EP-30 Rare 70's Electronic Piano - Serviced - 100V

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Roland EP-30 Electronic Analogue Piano 70's Rare  - Serviced  - 100V

The Roland EP-30 was released in 1974. I've read that it was the first ever electric piano with a velocity sensitive keyboard! Its a nice unit, built into a hardcase. 

This instrument features a pitch adjustment, volume knob with OFF velocity sensing capability, a tone knob resembling a low pass filter, bass volume control, and vibrato settings for depth and speed. Voices include a bass preset playable on the lower 1.5 octaves, along with Piano I, Piano II, Harpsichord I, and Harpsichord II settings. It emulates the sound of a 1974 analogue piano, offering a unique and crunchy tone. Surprisingly, the velocity sensing is not crude but works well with varying velocities, maintaining its awesome performance.


 This is a used unit.

 This unit is in good condition for a 49 year old unit. It shows some general wear from use and age like some some marks, nicks and scratches. The keys have started to yellow. Nothing major at all. Please see all photos. 

 This unit is 100% functional and sounds great! It has had a major service which included replacing around 60 capacitors. All switches and pots are functioning as they should. It has no faults to note. 

 Please note this unit is 100V. You MUST power on this unit with the correct step-down transformer. If you are unsure about this please send us a message as we would be glad to help you out. We have some for sale HERE.

 If you purchase from overseas you may also need a step-down. Please get in touch if you need a hand sourcing the correct item.


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