240V - 110V 50W Isolated Step-Down Transformer - Use American Gear In Australia

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Isolated Step-down Transformer 240V - 110V, 50W.
USE: Power on American Equipment (No more than 50W) Safely in Australia

This isolated step-down Transformer has been made so that you can safely power on your American equipment in Australia.

This step-down transformer takes Australian 240V mains power and changes it to 110V so that you will not damage your new synth, rack, drum machine or other electronic device / appliance. 

These isolated transformers are safe and easy to use. They use high quality components and can be left on 24/7. Just plug it into the wall and then plug your American power rated instrument into the transformer.

  • This unit is brand new.

  • This unit has been made for indoor use only.

  • This unit is made for American equipment (110/120V) which requires 50W or less. 

  • This unit has been made for use in Australia (240V)

  • Input: 240V 50Hz 50VA

  • Output: 110 0.5A

If you are unsure if this unit would be suitable for your equipment please send us a message including a picture of the machines specifications (This can usually be found on a badge with the serial number attached to the back of the unit)


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