Casio FZ-1 GX Rare Vintage 80's Polyphonic Sampler / Synthesiser - 240V

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Casio FZ-1 Rare Vintage 80's Polyphonic Sampler / Synthesiser - 240V 

The Casio FZ-1 is an awesome vintage sampler and piece of Casio history. It is a 61 key sampler and synthesiser which was released in 1987. Up to 64 samples can be held in memory and placed across the keyboard. Graphic editing on the big LCD screen provides intuitive and easier editing of your samples with tuning, truncating, looping and much more. It also has eight outputs and analog-like 8-stage filters (DCF) and envelopes (DCA). The FZ-1 also has a built-in synthesiser section. It uses digital synthesis employing both harmonic additive synthesis and waveform drawing. Basic waveforms available include sawtooth, square, pulse, double sine, saw/pulse, random waves and 48 harmonics.  (Vintage Synth Explorer)

This sale is for the FZ-1 GX which had a couple of minor changes in production, but remained very similar to the FZ-1. 


• This is a used unit.

This unit is in good physical condition for something which was released in 1987. It shows some minor wear from age like scratches and nicks. There is a bit of oxidisation on the back and a small amount on the front. As well as a dent on the faceplate above the FDD. Overall is still a nice pice showing no signs of major damage. Please see photos. 

• This FZ-1 GX has been tested the backlight does NOT work. It does make the screen a little hard to see, but is still usable. Please see photos. When you power on the Casio FZ-1 GX you must hold display and use the value slider to increase the contrast so you can read the screen. 

• This unit has been serviced. All tact switches have been replaced. It is working well and has no faults besides the backlight on the screen as described above. 

• This unit has a factory internal multi-tap transformer which means this unit can be converted to any worldwide voltage. 

• At the moment this unit has been set to 240V. This means it is ready to plug and play within Australia. If you purchase from overseas and your mains power is 100-120V you will need to open the unit while it is powered off and unplugged from the wall to change the voltage internally to 100-120V. Otherwise you could use a step-up transformer. If you are unsure about this please contact us.

• This sale is for the unit only. No other parts, accessories or cables are included. This unit uses a standard IEC cable, this cable is not included in the sale. 


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