Korg Poly-800 80's Vintage Digital / Analogue Polyphonic Synthesiser & Sequencer

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Korg Poly-800 Vintage Keyboard Synthesiser

The Poly-800 was released by Korg in 1983. It is an Analogue synthesiser however is digitally controlled. The Poly-800 is fully programmable synthesiser featuring 49 keys, two buttons for data entry, and a joystick controller, which modulates the DCO pitch or the VCF. It has 8-voice polyphony with one DCO per voice. It can also be switched into double mode which stacks two DCOs for a fuller sound, but reduces the polyphony to 4 voices.

  • This is a used unit

  • Cosmetically the unit is in good condition for its age. It shows some general wear around volume knob, corners and sides. There is a small section where the silver/grey finish has rubbed off. The white and coloured buttons have started to go yellow. There are some general nicks, light scratches and marks. Overall it is still a nice piece with no major damage. Please see photos. 

  • This unit is a later model and has an internal memory battery installed. The factory presets are all present. 

  • This unit uses a a 9V negative centre power adaptor. A generic power supply will be included for AU and NZ buyers only. 


Polyphony - 8 voices (4 when doubled)
Oscillators - 1 DCO per voice (2 when doubled). 1 Noise generator.
LFO - Sine wave only w/ speed & delay and route to osc. or filter
Filter - One 24 dB/oct low-pass resonant filter
VCA - 3 ADBSSR Digital Envelope Generators: DCO, Noise, VCF
Effects - Stereo Chorus, Chord Memory
Sequencer - 256-step polyphonic sequencer with MIDI Start, Stop and Clock.
Keyboard - 49 keys
Memory - 64 patches
Control - MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, Cassette tape interface
Date Produced - 1983/84


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