Denon DP-47F Vintage Fully Automatic Direct Drive Vinyl Turntable - 100V

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Denon DP-47F Fully Automatic Direct Drive Vintage Turntable

This turntable explains why the Denon name is legend. The DP-47F has been regarded by many as one of the 
best Hi-Fi turntables. The design and engineering is very precise, the one touch automatic performance excellent. 
It has a straight tonearm which will automatically apply the correct tracking weight and anti-skate. This premium
turntable would be best suited to someone who wants a very nice turntable for listening.  

  • This is a used unit.

  • This DP-47F is in good condition. It shows a small amount of wear from use and age like some small marks, nicks and blemishes. Nothing major at all. Please see photos. 

  • The Dust cover on this unit is hinged. It also shows some small signs of general wear like some scuff marks and a crack on the back. It is still perfect to protect the tonearm during the shipping process and while it is not in use at home. Please see photos. 

  • This unit will ship with a genuine Denon headshell and a Shure SC35C cartridge and sylus. These have been used, however are still in good condition and great to get you started. 

  • The performance of this unit is excellent. 

  • Please be aware, this unit is 100V. This means you MUST connect it to the correct step-down transformer before powering it on. If you are unsure about this feel free to send us a message as we would be glad to help you source the correct item. We also have some for sale at the following link:



    • Drive system: servo controlled direct drive

    • Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

    • Platter: 310mm aluminium die-cast

    • Motor: linear drive

    • Speed control system: speed servo by frequency detection, phase servo control

    • Arm type: dynamically balanced, straight tube tonearm

  • Dimensions: 434 x 179 x 410mm

  • Weight: 8.5kg



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