E-MU E-Synth 6903 Polyphonic Digital Synthesiser Sampler Sequencer - 100-240V

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E-MU E-Synth 6903 Polyphonic Digital  Synthesiser / Sampler / Sequencer

Essentially, E-Synth is an E4 class sampler combined with E-mu's amazing new Digital Modular Synthesis. It has a 76-key, semi-weighted keyboard that offers impressive expansion capabilities, tons of high quality sounds and a wide array of real time controllers. The DMS system has 64 digital six-pole filters and 32-voice layering. It features 16 MB of ROM-based sounds built-in (expandable to 32 MB), you've got a great starting point for any synthesis functions. 

The E-Synth also has all the sampling power and flexibility of the entire E4 sampler line. E-Synth even ships with four megs of RAM (expandable to 64 megs), a standard SCSI interface (for connecting to CD-ROM drives or external disk drives, etc.) Of course, stereo sampling is fully supported, and you can combine your own sounds with the onboard sounds, then resample the results to make brand new sounds that are uniquely yours!

  • This is a used unit.
  • This unit is in good physical condition. most notiable wear would be that it shows lots of general scratches and scuffs from use and age. Nothing major at all. The keys have yellowed and there is one bright white one as it was replaced. Please see all photos. Overall it is still a nice synth!

  • This unit has been serviced. It is fully functional. It has no faults to note. 

  • The screen is clear and legible. The backlight is extremely dim. 

  • This unit has a vintage SCSI hard drive installed (HDD). It is a bit noisy and slow! You could replace it or remove it if you want. Please note: Navigating the vintage HDD can be a little cumbersome and slow. It contains some sample libraries from a previous owner. Some load up complete, others seem to be incomplete and may not load. 

  • This sale is for the unit only. Nothing else is included in the sale. 

  • This E-mu is 100-240V. This means it can be used anywhere in the world!

  • This unit uses an IEC cable to power on. This cable is not included in the sale. 

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