E-MU PRO/CUSSION Maximum Percussion Module 90s 1U Rack Unit - Drum Mallet & More

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E-MU PRO/CUSSION Maximum Percussion Module 90's 1U Rack Unit - Drums Mallets Vibes & More!

The Pro/cussion is a Proteus-era drum & percussion MIDI sound module released in 1991. It's a 32 voice multi-timbral sample based synthesiser with 4 MB of 16-bit percussion samples, selected from the Emulator III sound library and stored in ROM. There are hundreds of drums, percussion, mallets, vibes, etc. and they are all fully editable!

The sounds vary from acoustic to electronic and many sounds have stereo effects. Sounds can be combined/layered with up to four samples mixed into one drum sound or with any of a selection of digital waveforms stored in ROM. Each instrument also has many individual attributes such as tuning, volume, pan, etc. The sounds are arranged into 128 drum-kits, 64 of which are user-programmable. Each kit can have up to 24 drum samples assigned to it. In each kit, individual sounds can be mapped across the keyboard or set of drum pads. Up to 24 Zones may be assigned per kit. (Vintage Synth Explorer) 

  • This E-mu has been used.

  • This E-mu has been tested. Everything is working as it should and it sounds great!

  • The cosmetic condition of this unit is good! It shows a small amount of general wear from use and age like some marks, nicks and scratched. The most notable wear would be a crack on one of the rack ears. Please see all photos. 

  • This unit is 100-240V. This means it is worldwide compatible. This unit requires a standard IEC cable to power on. This cable is not included. 


Polyphony - 32 Voices

Oscillators - 4 MB of ROM based 16-bit samples 

LFO - Yes

Memory - 192 patches (64 user programmable)

Control - MIDI (16-parts)

Date Produced - 1989 - 1995


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