E-MU Proteus 1000 30th Anniversary 1U Rack MIDI Synthesiser Sound Module

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E-MU Proteus 1000 30th Anniversary 1U Rack MIDI Synthesiser Sound Module 

The Proteus 1000 offers 64 voices and the 32 MB "Composer" sound-set. It features four assignable real-time control knobs, on board effects,  stereo output and is 16-part multitimbral. 

  • This E-mu has been used.

  • This E-mu has been tested. Everything is working as it should and it sounds great!

  • The cosmetic condition of this unit is good. Please see photos for further details. The knobs probably show the most amount of wear. Nothing major at all. 

  • This unit is 100-240V. This means it is worldwide compatible. This unit requires a standard IEC cable to power on. This cable is not included. 

Polyphony - 64 voices
Oscillators - 32 MB sample ROM (expandable to 64 MB via one expansion slot. No expansions included)
LFO - 2 per voice
Filter - 50 types of 6th- and 12th-order Z-plane filters
Effects - 24-bit dual stereo-effects processor with 29 reverbs types, 15 delay types, 8 chorus types, 7 flange types, 5 distortion types
Memory - 1536 Presets (1024 ROM, 512 RAM)
Control - MIDI (16 channels)
Date Produced - 2002


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