E-MU Systems Drumulator Model 7000 Classic Drum Machine W/ JLC 3 Kit & MIDI

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E-MU Systems Drumulator Model 7000 Classic Drum Machine W/ JLC 3 Kit & MIDI

E-mu Drumulator is a sample-based drum machine introduced in 1983! The Drumulator utilizes 8-bit samples for 12 sounds, including SSM analog filters. It was widely used in early 1980s in synth-pop and Italo disco productions. In 1984, DigiDrums released special EPROMs for the Drumulator, which included the Rock Drums set used on Tears for Fears' hit "Shout" and on "Beastie Groove" for Beastie Boys by Rick Rubin!

This Drumulator has some modifications! It has the JLCooper 3 Kit Board. The 3 Kit board has the OG Eprom, DigiDrums African/Misc (Perc) and Digidrums  Rock Drums (1). As well as MIDI in! 

  • This is a used unit.

  • This shows some general wear from use and age like some marks, nicks and scratches. Mostly on the corners and sides. Overall there is nothing major and it is still a great looking drum machine! Please see all photos. 

  • This Drumulator has been serviced. It has had a brand new memory battery installed. This unit has been thoroughly checked over and has no faults to note. It looks and sounds great!

  • This unit has two modifications:

    - JLCooper 3 Kit Board. This piggyback board allows the drumulator to hold three seperate sets of control and sound eprom. Selecting a set is as easy as flicking the little switch on the front! Sets installed: Orignal E-MU Drumulator, DigiDrums African/Misc - perc and DigiDrums Rock Drums - 1.

    - MIDI - This is MIDI IN. It is only to trigger the drums sounds and it responds to velocity. It cannot be used to clock the sequencer. The Drum sounds on our 49 key midi controller were all below Middle C. This may vary on other MIDI controllers. 

  • This unit is 110-220V. It can be used nearly anywhere in the world. At the moment it is set up for use in Australia with an Australian plug end. International buyers will need a licensed tradesperson to change the plug end or use a travel adaptor. 

  • Some international buyers may need a step-up transformer to use this unit. Please get in touch before purchase if you are unsure about this.

  • This sale is for the Drumulator with the JLC 3 Kit and MIDI in modifications installed. Nothing else is included in this sale.
How to use the MIDI:

Using the MIDI IN Functionality: 

1. Selecting the MIDI IN channel 

 Turn on the Drumulator

 Press and hold the EXTERNAL CLOCK button

 The display now shows EC XX, where XX is the selected MIDI channel between 01 – 16

 Press the < or > buttons to change the MIDI channel as needed

2. Enter MIDI IN mode 

 To use the MIDI IN functionality you must first enter into the MIDI IN mode

 Enter into MIDI IN mode

 Press and hold the EXTERNAL CLOCK button then press the RUN / STOP button.

 The LED display should turn off once you have entered the MIDI IN mode

3. Connect a MIDI OUT source 

 The MIDI OUT channel on your MIDI controller must match the MIDI IN channel selected

 Connect a 5-pin MIDI cable to the MIDI OUT port of your MIDI controller

 Connect the other end of the MIDI cable to the MIDI IN jack on the Drumulator

4. Playing Drumulator Samples via a MIDI controller

 Drumulator samples on our midi keyboard started below the at the Middle C key (C3) on a standard MIDI keyboard. (This may vary)

 Drumulator samples are also velocity sensitive via MIDI


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