Ensoniq ESQ-M 80's Digital Wave Synthesiser 2U Rack Mount Module (faulty screen)

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Ensoniq ESQ-M 80's Digital Wave Synthesiser 2U Rack Mount Module 

*Slight Screen Fault - Please Read Description*

The Ensoniq ESQ-M was released in 1987. Although the waveforms are digital in nature, the filters are all analogue and it has many analogue synth features such as ring modulator, sequencer, and oscillator-sync. The envelopes and LFOs are can be freely routed to each DCO, VCA and or VCF and the 40 preset sounds can all be edited to suit your own musical style. Editing on the EQS-1 is made easy with the large screen and you are bound to come up with some really unique results. You can choose from analogue, digital, or samples or any combo since there are three independent oscillators per voice. The ESQ-1 also has dynamic voice allocation which can seamlessly switch from 8-voices of analog to 8-voices of digital or sampled voices. 

The ESQ-M is basically the same as the ESQ-1, however it does not feature the sequencer.  



  • This unit has been used.

  • This ESQ-M is in good condition for its age. It shows some general wear like some marks, nicks and scratches. There is some obvious oxidisation on the top of the rack. Nothing major, nor anything which detracts from its use, functions or sound. 

  • This unit has a small fault on the screen. This is that there is a slight bleed onto LED square 3 and 4. It happens in all settings and we have provided a couple of examples, if you look at the pictures of the screen they read:

    " TRKK0 ". It should read " TRK 0".

    " MS??"  It should read MSTR (The T and the R have bleed together on squares 3 and 4.

    It is a little strange but does not affect using the machine. It is not too confusing and would be easy to get use to. We had no issues thoroughly testing and using it with this small screen bleed. 

  • This unit has been thoroughly tested and we can confirm it is working and sounding as it should. (Besides the small screen fault described in detail above). 

  • This unit is 240V. This means it is ready to plug and play in Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Europe. Other international buyers will need a step-up transformer to use this unit. Please get in touch if you are unsure. 

  • This unit powers on with an IEC cable. This cable is not included in the sale. 

  •  This sale is for the ESQ-M only. No other parts, accessories, cables or expansions are included.



Polyphony - 8 voices (dynamic voice allocation)
Oscillators - 3 digital oscillators per voice, 32 waveforms
LFO - 3 LFOs per voice; triangle, saw, square, random
Filter - 4-pole analog resonant filter with 6-stage envelope
VCA - 4 VCA + 4 Envelopes with 7 parameters per voice
Keyboard - MIDI Control
Memory - 40 patches
Date Produced - 1987


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