Korg Electribe ESX-1 Dance Music Performance & Production Sampler & Sequencer

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Korg Electribe ESX-1 Dance Music Performance & Production Sampler & Sequencer

 The ESX-1 comes in a sturdy metal chassis with a large LCD display, large memory, more voices & multi-timbrality, plus lots of real-time control options and and vacuum tubes to add that warmth to your sounds. The ribbon controller and slider provide a remarkable realtime interface for accessing the units powerful arpeggiator. 

The ESX-1 has a generous 285 seconds of memory (at 44.1kHz) that can be used to create up to 384 of your own samples. Nine parts are set up to play as "one-shot" samples, or Drum Parts. Two additional Keyboard Parts allow samples to be played melodically at various pitches right from the step keys or a MIDI input device. Sampled loops can be assigned to the Stretch Parts. As Stretch Parts, their tempos can be freely adjusted without affecting their pitch. This allows two sample loops recorded at different tempos to be used in the same piece of music. Phrase samples can be "Sliced," or divided up at the rhythmic peaks of the sample. Once sliced, individual samples can be muted to generate new grooves. Pitch, filter and effect settings can be applied to the individual sliced samples (or Motion Sequenced) to transform the original phrase into something unique. Two Accent parts introduce added dynamics. Reverse and Roll commands can be used to quickly generate complex sounding patterns. Additional Sample edit commands include Normalize, Truncate and Start Point. All samples (.WAV/AIFF format) can be imported and exported via SmartMedia cards. (No SmartMedia cards are included)


• This is a used Electribe ESX-1

• This unit has been tested and is fully functional. All pots and pads are responsive. As is the arpeggiator ribbon and slider. The SM card reader has also been tested. 

• This unit has one small fault, the "reverse" button works as it should and will reverse a sound or sample as it should, however it does not light up. 

• This unit is in good physical condition. It shows a small amount of wear from use and age. Please see photos for further details. 

• This unit uses a 9V AC power adaptor. A generic power adaptor will be included for Australian buyers only.

• This sale is for the unit only. No other parts, accessories or power supplies are included unless stated above. 






Sampling Frequency

44.1 kHz


Number of Samples: 100(mono) + 128(stereo)

Memory: 128 patterns, 16 songs

User Memory

256 Patterns, 64 Songs


16 Types; 3 Simultaneous


64 Songs

Pattern: 128 Steps Maximum per part

Motion Sequences: 24 per pattern

Song: 256 Patterns Maximum per song

20,000 Maximum Event recording

Arpeggiator with Ribbon and Slider, Scale adjustment


9 knobs, 16 pad keys

Expansion Slots


Sample RAM

285 (Mono), 142.5 (Stereo) Seconds


LEFT/Mono, RIGHT, 2 x TS Phone jacks

Individual Aux LEFT/Mono, RIGHT, 2 x TS Phone jacks

MIDI Out, Thru


1/4" TRS Phone jack; Level switch LINE/MIC, Gain adjustment knob


Headphone Output


External Storage

SmartMedia (4 to 64 MB, 3.3V) - NOT INCLUDED


Backlit LCD Screen


14.09 x 10.08 x 2.44"


6.83 lb


12AX7 Vacuum Tubes

Motion Sequencing

Ribbon and Slider Controls


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