Korg X3R 90's Rack Mount Music Workstation Synthesiser - 100V

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Korg X3R 90's Rack Mount Music Workstation Synthesiser - 100V

The Korg X3R is the rackmount version of the Korg X3. It was released in 1993, offers 32-note polyphony and 16-part multitimbrality. It features 136 preset patches, 200 user patches, and 200 user performances, along with a 32,000-note sequencer. The X3R includes 6MB of PCM waveforms and two digital effects processors with 47 effects, such as reverb, delay, and EQ. Although it lacks resonant filters, it has a digital lowpass filter.


• This is a used unit.

• This unit is in good physical condition. It shows some general wear from use and age like some marks, nicks and scratches. The screen looks like it has a dark patch on it, but this does not affect it when it is turned on. The screen has no backlight. 

• This unit has two small faults.
1: The floppy disk drive does not work. This could be swapped out with a more modern replacement by a synth savvy person. 
2: The backlight for the screen no longer works. The screen is large and still legible. Please see photos.  

 This unit has been thoroughly tested, besides the two mentioned faults, there is nothing else to note. It has no other issues. All buttons and pots work as they should. 

• This unit has had a brand new memory battery installed. 

 Please be aware this unit is 100V. This means it MUST be used with a step-down transformer, not a travel adaptor. If you are unsure about this please let us know. We have some great, compatible step-downs for sale here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/173909299338 They are designed in Australia for use in Australia and can be run 24/7.

• If you purchase from outside Australia you may need a step-down transformer to use this unit. Please contact us if you need any help sourcing the correct product. 

• This unit powers on with and IEC cable. A Japanese IEC will be included in this sale to use with your step-down transformer.


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