Minimoog Model D 1974 Vintage Analogue Vintage Monophonic Synthesiser W/ Mods

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Minimoog Model D 1970's Analogue Vintage Monophonic Synthesiser

This analogue classic can be heard all over massive tracks and various genres of music. From Kraftwek and Michael Jackson to Nine Inch Nails and Dr. Dre, the sound of the Minimoog has spanned musical genres and decades, even until this very day!  First released in 1970, it was one of the first synthesisers to include a keyboard and the first to be sold in retail stores. It gave musicians the ability to step up to the instrument and start composing instead of figuring out the complex world of modular synths. The Model D, truely is an exceptional piece of synth history.

More notable artists who used the Minimoog Model D include: Herbie Hancock, Paul McCartney, Prince, Sting, Kevin Parker, Blondie, The Chemical Brothers, 2pac, Liam Howlett, Mark Pritchard, Lorde, Gyote, Mac DeMarco, Eddie Van Halen, Brian Eno, Tyler The Creator, Jean-Michel Jarre, Underworld, Mac Miller, Pink Floyd, The Weeknd, Gary Numan, Jimmy Edgar, Flight Facilities, Sun Ra and too many more! 

This sale is for an original 1970's Minimoog Model D. It was signed off on during 1974. The serial number is 5392. Please read the condition description for details of the modifications made by a previous owner, and the recent service performed on this Moog. 


  • This is a used unit. 

  • Physically this unit is in great condition for a synth of this age. There is some general wear like some small and larger chips and nicks in the wooden case. The switch cap colours have started to fade. The keys have started to turn a very light cream colour. All original text is clear and legible. Some of the text from the modifications has started to wear. Overall this is still a very nice, vintage piece. There is nothing which detracts from the use or sound of this beautiful piece.  

  • This unit is 'first generation' model, serial number 5392. However it has been updated with a number of desirable later features. This includes:
  1. The latest oscillator board has been installed, resulting in far more stable oscillator tuning.

  2. Octave buffer board installed which helps with tighter octave switching and does not load the other oscillators.
  3. Trim pots on oscillator board have been upgraded to a more modern kind to improve reliability. 

  4. S trig input jack has been swapped to a to ¼ jack which makes it much easier to interface with other gear
  5. Pitch wheel deadband upgrade which improves stability by adding an electronic zero point on the pitch wheel to reduce drift caused by minute movements of the bender wheel. 
  • This Model D is 100% functional. All rotary pots, mod wheels and switches are working as they should.  

  • This Moog has had some modifications installed. These are:
  1. OSC sync 1 to 2, via front panel toggle switch. 

  2. Sample and hold generator circuit added. Sources from noise or external input, which has it's own jack. Sample and hold sources can be mixed via front panel knobs and then also amount knobs to apply to either VCO or filter 

  3. Trigger selection switch on the front panel for either single or multiple. 

  4. Ring modulator mix knob. Works but is somewhat subtle. 

  5. External inputs for sample and hold & CV I/O 
  • This Minimoog Model D has recently come from a service. This included but is not limited to:

    • The whole synthesiser was disassembled and cleaned.

    • The key action was calibrated. All key contact springs and bus bars have been polished and treated. 

    • The timber case has been thoroughly cleaned, lightly polished and waxed. 

    • All circuits have been inspected and tested. Any functional issues and faulty components were replaced.

    • All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced.

    • All rotary potentiometers, switches and jacks have been cleaned and deoxidised. 

    • Full calibration of circuits and oscillators according to factory specifications.

    • This unit has been burnt in and tested since this service. It sounds great! 

  • This unit is 115-230V. This means it can be used nearly anywhere in the world with a flick of a switch on the back. You MUST ensure the switch is set to the correct position for your country before powering on this unit. This unit has a mains cable with an Australian plug end. International buyers will need a licensed technician to change the plug end for them. 

  • This beauty sounds great! 

  • Please be aware due to the vintage and fragile nature of the MiniMoog, it is possible that the tuning will shift during the shipping process. It is recommended that you take it to a local technician to give it a quick tune up before installation, it would be even better if you could get someone to tune on site.

  • This unit will have a one year back to base warranty. The customer is responsible for getting the unit to and from Lofi Music. Repairs will be free of charge. Please note the warranty does not cover drops, spills or misuse. After the warranty expires we will offer support and discounted servicing on this Minimoog Model D. 


Polyphony - Monophonic

Oscillators - 3 VCO's

Memory - None
Filter - 24dB/oct, 4-pole lowpass filter with cutoff, resonance, envelope generator, keyboard tracking

VCA - ADS Envelope generator

Keyboard - 44 keys, single-trigger, low-note priority

Arpeg/Seq - None

Control - CV /GATE

Date Produced - 1970 - 1982 


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