MXL 990 - Modified by Michae Jl Joly - OktavaMod - Condenser Microphone W/ Box

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MXL 990 - Modified by Michael Joly - OktavaMod - MJE-K47 Mod Suite - Condenser Microphone W/ Box

This MXL 990 was sent over to the USA in 2011 by its previous owner to Michael Joly of OktavaMod to be upgraded with the MJE-k47 Mod Suite.  Joly nicknaded this mod "The Hulk". The mod includes the MJE-k47 capsule and upgrades to the circuit to voice the mic like a U87ai. 

From Joly's website (Access can still be gained though Waybackmachine): 

"Seems like at least one of these mics is sitting in the back of every mic locker. Why not have your 990 upgraded to a large diaphragm mic with classic sound? Based on the size and side-address style of the MXL 990 many folks take it to be a large diaphragm condenser. It's not. The condenser capsule used is the common small diaphragm type found in 22mm diameter pencil mics like the MXL 603."

"Classic sound – plus, is within reach. The MJE-K47 capsule was designed to track an actual Neumann K47 capsule through the important midrange then provide an extra touch of “air” at the very top end. You’ll hear the classic mid-focused vocal punch of the K47 design with just a bit of modern sheen on top. When this frequency response extension is translated to the time domain it means faster and more accurate transient response as well. And faster, more accurate transient response means greater detail and resolution – without resorting to a high frequency EQ boost. And switching to the more sensitive MJE-K47 large diaphragm capsule will improve your mic's S/N ratio as well."

"The circuit used in the 990 is a close approximation of a classic Schoeps transformerless design. But to save on production costs in the stock mics, inexpensive poor-sounding ceramic and under-sized capacitors are used in critical signal path locations. The MJE-K47 Mod Suite attacks these compromises by substituting components and topology pioneered in OktavaMod's field proven Premium Electronics modification. These component upgrades improve bass response while reducing graininess and mid-to-high frequency distortion."

Joly no longer modifies these microphones, so this is a rare opportunity to get your hands one! 


• This is a used microphone.

• This unit is in great condition. It shows minimal signs of wear from use and age. It looks and sounds great! Please see all photos. 

• This unit will ship in its OG box. In the box is the Mic case, MXL 990, Shock Mount and spare elastics. As well as orignal MXL 990 documents and the OktavaMod certificate of authenticity. 

• This unit has been tested and is fully functional. It sounds great and has no faults to note. 

• This sale is for what has been mentioned above. Nothing else is included in this sale. 


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