Roland G-303 & GR-700 1984 Vintage Guitar Synthesiser W/ Cable & Serviced- 240V

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Roland G-303 from the early 80's & GR-700 1984 Vintage Electric Guitar Synthesiser Module Serviced - 240V 

The Roland GR-700 is a guitar Synthesiser released by Roland in 1984 and features the same VCF/VCA Roland 80017A "voice" chips as the Juno-106! It is a six voice polyphonic synth with two DCO's per voice which means analog oscillators and sounds with digital stability and control. The typical assortment of a resonant lowpass filter, ADSR envelope, LFO and oscillator sections are here with easy and straight-forward programming. 

This sale also includes a G-303 guitar which was made in the early 80's by Greco in renowned Fujigen factory in Japan. The guitar is extremely well made and has a regular 1/4” jack next to the synth jack so it can be used just as a regular electric guitar too. It also features humbucking pickups, a mahogany body with a maple top and maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. 

At this point we are not looking at selling either unit separately. 

Condition of Roland GR-700 Synthesiser Module:
  • This unit has been used. 

  • This unit has been tested and is fully functional. 

  • This GR-700 has been serviced. It has had 6 x brand new replacement AR80017A "voice chips" installed. This means you won't have to worry about them failing or replacing them. This unit has also been calibrated to factory specifications. 

  • The cosmetic condition of this unit is great. It shows some minor wear from use and age. This includes some small nicks, chips and scratches. Please see photos. 

  • This is a factory 240V unit. It is ready to plug and play within Australia and New Zealand. Overseas buyers will need to use this unit with a step-up transformer. Please get in touch if you are unsure. 

Condition of Roland G-700 Guitar:
  • This unit has been used. 

  • This guitar has been thoroughly tested and is fully functional. The intonation has been checked. The frets are smooth and level. Only around 10-20% worn. The neck feels really nice. The action is low. 

  • The cosmetic condition of this unit is great! Overall it is still a nice piece from the early 80's. It shows some general wear from use and age. It has some small nicks and scratches. Nothing major at all. Most notable wear is that the gold colour has come off the humbuckers. 

  • This G-303 has had a minor service. This included:

    • Cleaning the neck, buffed and polished frets. Oiled the fretboard.

    • String height / action adjustment. 

    • The body has been cleaned and metal hardware has been polished. 

    • Brand new D'addario strings have been installed. 

  • For safety during shipping, tension will be taken off the neck. The guitar will need to be tuned on arrival. 

  • Please note that although we have tested the intonation and set up the guitar here, due to the nature of guitars as well as the shipping and handling process there is a chance you will need to set up the guitar again. The set up may need to be modified to suit your personal preferences. 

  • Guitars picked up from our West Gosford store will set up ready to play!

  • This guitar will ship in its genuine Roland hard case which has been pictured. It shows some general wear, however is still in great condition for protecting and carrying around the G-303. 
What is included in this sale:
  • This sale is for the Roland G-303 Guitar, Roland GR-700 w Guitar Synthesiser Module, cable to connect the guitar to the synthesiser module and an IEC cable (AU ONLY) to power on the GR-700. Absolutely nothing else is included in this sale. If you are unsure, please ask. 


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