Roland MC-505 Brand New Replacement Screen / Spare Parts

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Roland MC-505 Brand New Screen Replacement.

We noticed more and more MC-505 units were coming to us with faulty screens. With no off the shelf replacements available we have designed one which works well! 

The replacement does not require modifications to any of the circuits or cable wiring.  

The replacement does require modification to the metal chassis of the MC-505. For those familiar, it is similar to the original Roland replacement which use to be available.

Whats included?

This screen replacement kit includes a PDF copy of the installation instructions, MC-505 Service Manual and a brand new LCD screen - colour of your choice. We have black on green, or white on blue available. 

To receive your PDF copy of the installation instructions and MC-505 service manual, please ensure the e-mail address you provide is correct. 

Other items you will need to complete this screen replacement are:

These items are NOT included in this sale.

- Drill and a 1.5mm drill bit. 

- Dremel with cutting tool or nibbler.

- Phillips head screwdriver set. 

- Double sided tape or contact adhesive. 

- Permanent marker.

- 11mm socket (nut around value knob) and 14mm socket (Plastic nuts around the jacks at the back of unit)

Please note: This repair should only be attempted by a competent, qualified Electronic Trade Technician. Lethal voltages may be present inside the machine and all precautions should be taken against this. Electrostatic discharge is also a risk to your device and all relevant precautions should be taken against this.

Please note that LOFI MUSIC disclaims any and all liability INCLUDING ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN, for damages which may occur as a result of either the installation, misuse or usage of this product.