Roland SR-JV80-02 Orchestral Expansion Board JV-1080 JV-2080 XV-5080 JD-990

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Roland SR-JV80-02 Orchestral Expansion Board JV-1080 JV-2080 XV-5080 JD-990

The second expansion board for the JV/XP series was dedicated to the beautiful sounds of the modern classical orchestra.

Roland managed to squeeze the essence of a symphonic orchestra in this small board, and did so admirably.

The SR-JV80-02 board opens with one of the most beautiful string patches I've ever come across, the stupendous "Warm Violins".  This patch opens a huge selection of string patches, characterised by a very warm, gluey if you will, sonic timbre. It features a long offering of instruments in both group and solo versions.

The expansion then focuses on the other instruments of the orchestra, and there are beautiful renditions of all the instruments of a typical romantic-era orchestral setup.  There are even a few patches where solo instruments that typically play together in a score, are combined together in a single patch.  Very useful.  There are also full-blast brass patches, classy bass clarinets... everything you will ever need to compose an orchestral score.  The board is completed by a pretty thorough rhythm patch, that collects together the percussive section of the orchestra.
(Taken from Synthmania . com)


  • This is a used item. 

  • This SR-JV80-02 has been tested and is working as it should. 


  • Fantom FA76
  • XV-88
  • XV-3080 
  • XV-5080
  • JV-80 
  • JV-90
  • JV-1000
  • XP-30
  • XP-50
  • XP-60
  • XP-80
  • JV-880
  • JD-990
  • JV-1010
  • JV-1080
  • JV-2080


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