Roland SR-JV80-97 Experience III Expansion Board JV-1080 JV-2080 XV-5080 JD-990

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Roland SR-JV80-98 Experience III Expansion Board JV-1080 JV-2080 XV-5080 JD-990

This board features excellent sounds from many Roland SR-JV80-series expansion boards:  Pop, Orchestral, Piano, Vintage Synth, World, Super Sound Set, Keyboards of the '60s and '70s, Session, Bass & Drums, Techno Collection, Hip Hop Collection, Vocal Collection, and Asia.  Featuring 34 waveforms and 100 patches. (Taken from If you Google Synthmania SR-JV80-98 you can hear some demos of the sound too!)


  • This is a used item. 

  • This SR-JV80-98 has been tested and is working as it should. 


  • Fantom FA76
  • XV-88
  • XV-3080 
  • XV-5080
  • JV-80 
  • JV-90
  • JV-1000
  • XP-30
  • XP-50
  • XP-60
  • XP-80  
  • JD-990
  • JV-1010
  • JV-1080
  • JV-2080


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