Sequential Circuits Six Trak Polyphonic Analogue Vintage Synthesiser - 100V

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Sequential Circuits Six Trak Polyphonic Analogue Vintage Synthesiser - 100V

The Six-Trak is Sequential's beginner synth. It has typical Sequential sounds in an analog six oscillator, six voice synth. It has one knob which you use to adjust your sounds. The assignment settings for the various parameters are listed in the centre of the front panel. It also features MIDI with controllers for its parameters to make editing easier using a computer program such as Unisyn or other external MIDI controller.

The Six-Trak features two operational modes: Polyphonic Mode and Unison Mode. In Unison mode, with all six oscillators, this baby gets fat, rich, creamy and wild making it an excellent stand-in for Moog-like sounds. Also, the Six-Trak is capable of interesting and complex sound effects, mostly thanks to useful cross modulation and the six oscillators. It also includes a simple 6-channel on-board sequencer. The Six-Trak has been used by Tycho, Chromeo, Uberzone, Cirrus, Andy Summers, Dallon Weekes, Geoff Downes, Philip Glass, Alec Empire and loads more! 

    • This unit has been used.

    • This Six-Track is in great condition. It shows some minor wear from use and age. For example some light nicks and scratches. There is nothing major at all, overall it is a nice piece. 

    • This unit has been thoroughly tested and we can confirm it is 100% functional. 

    • Please be aware this unit is 100V. This means it MUST be used with a step-down transformer, not a travel adaptor. If you are unsure about this please let us know. We have some great, compatible step-downs for sale HERE. They are designed in Australia for use in Australia and can be run 24/7.

    •  If you purchase from outside Australia you may need a step-down transformer to use this unit. Please contact us if you need any help sourcing the correct product. 


Polyphony - 6 Voice Polyphony and 6 part Multitimbral

Oscillators - 6 VCO's (sawtooth, triangle, variable width)

Memory - 100 patches

Filter - 24 dB/oct lowpass w/ ADSR envelope

VCA - Standard ADSR

LFO - Yes

Keyboard - 48 keys

Arpeg/Seq - Arpeggiator (up/down) and 2-Track sequencer (up to 800 notes)

Control - MIDI (all parameters are midi controllable)

Date Produced - 1984


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