Three Position Toggle Switch Roland Juno 6 60 Jupiter Sh101 Spare Parts MOOG MG1

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Three Position Toggle Switch

This three position toggle switch has just been manufactured. It can be used in the following Synths:


  • EP-09
  • EP-6060
  • HP-30
  • Jupiter 4
  • Jupiter 8
  • Juno 60
  • Juno 6
  • MSQ
  • MC-4
  • ProMars MRS-2
  • SH-101
  • SH-7
  • TR-808
  • MC-307


  • Liberation
  • MG-1
  • Opus 3
  • Rouge/Taurus II

Please note the shaft length is 15mm which may vary in size from the original part in these synths however it does not detract from the functionality.


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